Load balancing – Definition

Load balancing is an amazing opportunity for a lot of website owners that receive significant traffic. It is used to spread the incoming traffic across a group of servers. Load balancing is extremely beneficial and improves application availability and responsiveness, and prevents server overload. Check out more information about Load balancing! 

What is the Ping command?

The Ping command is a well-known computer network administration software utility. Its main purpose is to test the reachability of a particular host on a TCP/IP network. It is so widespread due to the fact it is available for all kinds of operating systems (OS) with networking abilities. Besides, it is one of these utilities that are very easy to use, and it can provide you with so much valuable information. Discover more interesting details about the Ping command! 

Zone transfer explained

Zone transfer is a simple and straightforward process that involves copying the data from a Master DNS server and placing it into a Secondary DNS server or servers. There are two main types of zone transfer – Full zone transfer, also known as AXFR zone transfer, and Partial zone transfer, also called IXFR zone transfer. Read more interesting information about DNS zone transfer!